Lucia Babina is a cultural activist whose focus is on research and reactivation of sustainable ways of cohabitation and coexistence. Her aim is to reflect on the current global unevenness and injustice by means of collective and artistic processes.
She is the co-founder of iStrike and iStrike.ultd in Rotterdam, environmental organizations aimed at creating multidisciplinary platforms of analysis, comparison, and international exchange. With iStrike and Strike.ultd she co-produced projects such as: Ars&Urbis International Workshop (Douala, Cameroon, 2007), Salon Urbain de Douala (Douala, Cameroon, 2007), Moving in Free Zones #1 and 2 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2007 and 2009), Talking About! (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009).
She is the author of the event Singingchairs – Voices and Stories from the city as part of Happening in the NAi (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2008). She is also co-author of: The Cook, the Farmer, His Wife and Their Neighbour as part of Stedelijk Goes West (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2009); Market Academy Naschmarkt as part of Wiener Festwochen (Vienna, Austria, 2010); TheBrantClub as part of Musagetes' Guelph Program (Guelph, Canada, 2012).
She is co-founder of Cohabitations Strategies, a cooperative for socio-spatial development, with which she has been developing projects at international level, such as: The Other City: Exposing Tarwewijk and Urban Union (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2008 and 2009); Bordeaux Report (Bordeaux, France, 2011), Campagna Urbana (Lecce, Italy, 2011-2012) The Power of Two (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2013).
In 2007 Lucia took part into the International Workshop Caucus, organized by the Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), and in 2006 into the Mobile Academy in Warsaw. Since 2005, as member of EFRP (European Festival Research Project), she has been carrying out a research focused on three emerging and successful Italian festivals and the local impact.
Furthermore, Lucia has been giving lectures and producing writing contributions for several international platforms.